About Us

About Thecolouring.com

Colouring is one the prime activity of toddlers. They feel happy and amazed seeing fascinating colours. They love to see bright colours in painting form and this is a purpose of TheColouring.com, to bring a smile on child face. We have more than 1000 plus sketches of dolls, cars, animals, fruits, vegetables and lots of other drawing (waiting to get coloured).

These colouring activities will make the children feel refreshed whenever they require a break from their studies. Our goal will be to continuously build our gallery with images and so every week we will add new color pictures. These coloring pages are enjoyable and often help children learn essential skills such as the principles of color, the names of basic colors, coordination of eye-hands, understanding of pictures, etc. These skills form the groundwork for initial learning success. No flash, java or applet is compulsory to load our online colouring sketches. All diagram load automatically, so you can start colouring instantly.

Free Accounts

We will create your free account with us and will provide a podium to recognize, practice and share your colouring work with your friends and relatives. In simple terms, you can save your online colouring pages (which you have completed in your gallery). You can print it later through your printer, or even email them to your friends and family. If you would like to save your gallery of pictures on TheColouring.com you can do so by registering your account. We would never spam or send junk emails to all our customers.