History, Symbolism and Meaning of Orange Colour

Importance of orange colour

Orange, the child of Red and Yellow, is the visual representation of flamboyance, spirituality, enthusiasm, brightness, and happiness. Orange is the most attention-grabbing and intriguing colour of the spectrum. Also, it has some negative associations such as over-bearing, inexpensive and more. It is the second colour of the Colour Spectrum and is one of the … Read more

History, Meaning and Symbolism of Blue Colour

Meaning of blue colour

Blue colour is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight. – John Ruskin (English Art Critic) The meaning of blue is trust, loyalty and to be calm. It is a serene and tranquillizing colour that represents responsibility and intelligence. However, the beautiful shades of blue are also used to represent sadness, … Read more

Red Symbolism and Meaning of Red Colour

Meaning and symbolism of red colour

“Let’s paint a wall of passion, love, surprises, relationships, anger, danger and all the emotions with the most unfathomable depths! What do we get? It’s Red!“ That’s how amazing and enchanting this colour is! What is the actual meaning of red? Is it just the first colour of the spectrum? How the symbolism of this … Read more

Meaning Of Green Colour: Its Psychology History And Symbolism

Meaning and symbolism of green

“The symbol of Mother Nature and the ecology, green is no longer a mere colour shade.“ It represents the nurturing plants, the lucky four-leaf clover and even the green traffic light. It can be found almost everywhere around us from fruits and vegetables to clothing and even religious practices. The most common meanings of green … Read more

History, Symbolism and Meaning of White colour

Meaning of white colour

Let us be the white light of purity to those who want to shine! The colour white is a synonym for cleanliness, purity, innocence, illumination, sterility, spirituality and perfection. What more does the achromatic hue mean? Is it the snowflake crystals or the absolute spiritual being? Could there be any negative associations of white? In … Read more

History, Symbolism and Meaning of Black Colour

Meaning of colour black

How do we define the Colour Black? Is it the deepest or the shallowest? What is the meaning of the beautiful black pearls or the all-consuming black night? Touching all cultures across the globe, black adorns a deep significance everywhere it goes. Black is the absorption of all colours. It isn’t a basic primary or … Read more

5 Reasons Why Bright Colours Appeal and Attract Kids?

Bright colours appeal

Is that a bright and happy yellow or a playful kid? Well, what is the difference? Bright colours seem to engulf a childhood. From kids’ toys and clothes to their snacks, all packed in bright-coloured boxes. Have you ever wondered why it is so? No matter what the industry is, the packaging is the key … Read more

Why is colouring important in kindergarten and preschools?

Preschool and kindergarten

“Colour is a power which directly influences the Soul” Crayons and kids are inseparable. Imagine a kid without their colouring books, what an impossible thought, right? Infinite colours and infinite pages keep on consuming hours of a day in the life of a preschooler. But Why is colouring such a quintessential part of childhood? And why … Read more

5 Positive Effects of Colours on Child’s Growth

colour effects on children

“The perfect colour sets the perfect mood.” Colours are the most powerful attribute of the world. They can affect the mood and behaviour of not only adults but also of kids. The proper knowledge and implementation of colours can help develop the core of a child’s personality. So when it comes to designing the space … Read more