Psychology, Symbolism and Meaning of Brown Colour

meaning of brown colour

Feeling anything from Khaki to Chesnut is the feeling of nature, of life, the sensation of brown! If you want to know what brown colour means, its history and even the personality type, you have come to the right place! Whether you feel in love with the chocolatey hue or the wooden earthiness, or just … Read more

Psychology, Effects and Meaning of Silver Colour

meaning and symbolism of silver colour

When everyone goes gold, she had the courage to be the shining silver! What is the meaning of silver? Is it just the shiny metal? Or the symbol of wealth and royalty? Can it be more than just symbolic of social status? How are our body and mind affected by silver?  Whether just an opulence … Read more

Psychology, Symbolism and Meaning of Yellow Colour

meaning and effects of yellow colour

We can never say about other colours, but yellow is happiness! Like the warmth of sunshine! Yellow is a very interesting hue because of the variety of positive and negative meanings associated with it. If we paint a wall with sunshine, happiness, optimism, clarity and positivity the colour would most definitely be yellow! Surprisingly, the … Read more

Effects, Symbolism and Meaning of Pink colour

Meaning and symbolism of pink

Pink is not a colour but a statement made loud and clear! Frivolous hues of pink are formed by red and white. It is a compassionate mixture of the passionate and energetic red and the innocence and purity of white. It brings delight to all genders and age groups. Pink is the colour of tenderness, … Read more

Meaning, Symbolism and History of Purple Colour

Meaning and presence of purple in nature

The rarity of purple in plants and ecology has always made the colour affiliate itself with luxury! In the older times, purple pigments were the most difficult to create and thus many cultures associated them with royalty. Only the noblemen were allowed to wear purple coloured garments, to represent their superiority. It also symbolizes spirituality … Read more