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Elephants Drawing for Children: Learn All About Elephants!

Kids love coloring, they simply love to color or draw on a page, any cloth, wall, or even a face. Coloring encourages children’s imagination, develops concentration, enhances motor skills, and improves color perception.

Online coloring too is one of the most interesting work to do especially when you are free and don’t have any work to do. Even adults enjoy filling colors online. Here you can color (from our selection) 6 Elephant Drawing Image. You may also print all these drawing by visiting our page below and color them later by hand at home or at school.

Before we get started, let us first introduce to you some interesting facts about Elephants.

  • Elephants are the world’s biggest ground mammals.
  • They live for 65-75 years on average.
  • African elephants, like most other captive species, live longer in captivity. They will live for up to 85 years.
  • Elephants have six teeth, some of which are replaced on a regular basis, similar to sharks.
  • Elephant tusks are nothing more than a collection of specialized upper incisors. These are mainly used for defense and digging.
  • To live, an elephant needs 100-120 kg of vegetation each day.
  • Since large predators are being hunted, local small grazer populations (the elephant’s food competitors) are increasing. The local trees, shrubs, and grasses are being ravaged by the increased number of herbivores.

Here at TheColouring.com, you can color almost all elephant sketches of your own choice. Simply register within 2 minutes! We have for you the largest collection of elephants to color. Here are some glimpses of the elephant drawing we have. But Before that, tell us which one is your favorite Elephant: African or Asian, tell us in the comment section. Enjoy and Color!

1.) Fat Elephant Cartoon Image

FUN FACT: Elephants, while being the world’s strongest mammal, are actually herbivores, eating a variety of vegetation such as grasses, fruit, and roots.

Fat Elephant Cartoon Image

2.) Mammoth Elephant Sketch

FUN FACT: Elephants have a long trunk (elongated upper lip and nose), columnar legs, ivory tusks, and a massive head with broad flat ears, making them the largest living land creatures.

Mammoth Elephant Image

3.) Asian Elephant Cartoon Picture

FUN FACT: A male elephant may reach a height of 4 meters and weigh up to 7 tonnes, whereas its female counterparts can only reach 3.5 tonnes.

Asian Elephant Drawing

4.) African Elephant Drawing

FUN FACT: Did you know that the word “Elephant” means “HUGE ARCH” in Latin? These monsters are unquestionably massive and amazing.

African Elephant Photo

5.) Baby Elephant Cartoon Image

FUN FACT: Baby elephants are born blind. And when they get adults, it takes a lot of food to feed an animal of such enormous size to remain healthy. Their daily calorie consumption is about equal to 4-7 percent of their body weight. This means 150 to 200 Kg Food on a daily basis.

Baby Elephant Drawing Image

6.) Trained Circus Elephant Drawing

FUN FACT: elephants are very intelligent animals and they are exceptionally smart creatures. They have the biggest brain of any land mammal, with three times the number of neurons that humans have.

Trained Elephant in Circus


To sum up, seeing elephants is a lot of fun, and kids really enjoy their company. Unsurprisingly, children love to feed an elephant because it uses its long trunk to take up food and place it in its mouth. We hope that the majority of the elephant images are excellent for drawing and having fun with your children. Adieu!