Psychology, Symbolism and Meaning of Brown Colour

Feeling anything from Khaki to Chesnut is the feeling of nature, of life, the sensation of brown!

If you want to know what brown colour means, its history and even the personality type, you have come to the right place!

Whether you feel in love with the chocolatey hue or the wooden earthiness, or just the scent of the soft brown sands, brown colour has a way of winning hearts.

The brown colour is lively, earthy, joyful and warm. Its meanings are just as soothing as the hue itself. In common jargon, we can interpret the colour as calming but might also seem dull to some. Commonly found brown objects and animals are woods, coffee, chocolate, and brown bear, fox, brown yaks and horses and also it is a common colour in dogs and cats.

symbolism of brown animals

Brown represents different elements of the natural world. If it is dark brown, it symbolises the trees and woods. On the contrary, the light brown symbolises the mother earth, the soil and rocks. The personality type of brown is also a grounded and secure type. They are warm and stable beings with an affinity for loyalty.

When Red Colour and Yellow Colour is mixed together with Blue it gives you Brown Colour. And there are many different shades of brown colours.

What more does the colour brown mean?

Read on to find out all about the hue!

1.) Meaning of Brown:

meanings of brown colour

Brown is the colour of stability and reassurance. It is a beautiful hue of making the elements of the earth. But the meanings and symbolism of brown as a lot more than just these. Brown colour means appreciation and support.

If you want to express your gratitude to someone, using browns is always a great choice. The colour is also symbolic of wisdom. Therefore, educational institutes and study rooms often use browns as their elemental colour. 

The shades of light shades of brown such as beige and ivory brown are not just a fashion favourite but also invoke practicality and loyalty. The darker shades such as taupe brown and coffee are serious and depressive ones. The dried leaves and brown scenic setting are symbolic of winter.

Brown is also a great companion to Blue Colour. They both great for calming nerves and can be found in schools to help children find focus and a peaceful place for studying. 

2.) Effects on Body and Mind:

effects of brown colour

As aforementioned, brown is a calming hue. It has many great and a few not-so-good effects on our body and mind. The ramifications of brown on the mind are comforting, protective and friendliness. The earthy tones trick the mind into feeling a sense of security and thus eases us.

Using a classic wooden look for your house is not only stylish but also forms the perfect haven. Also, using deep browns in place of black can help you balance the stagnation. 

The hues of brown as also said to stimulate sleep, serotonin and even the immune system. Having brown in our room or using elements of brown around your resting and workspace helps.

3. Brown in Idioms, Phrases and Common Words:

meaning of brown words

There are many common uses of brown in linguistic. Some common words and objects using brown are:

Brown sugar, brown belt, brownie, oak brown and many more.

Also, some common phrases and idioms are :

  • “brown bottle” – a reference to a bottle of beer
  • “brown-nose” – a person who flatters their superiors for success
  • “brown study” – a melancholy state of a person’s mind
  • “brownout” – two references: one who may have a partial loss of vision and second to have an electric power cut
  • To be brown as a berry”to be tanned due to sun

4.) Different cultural meanings:

symbolism of brown in culture

There are rarely any cultures that do not have some unique interpretation of brown colour. Here we are taking you on our guided mini-tour, an exclusive for our dear readers! So let us begin this journey of looking at the various meanings of brown in many different countries and cultures.

Starting our tour from the western world, we land in Western Europe and North America that have a common theme of brown as earthy and healthy. In the USA, brown colour is found commonly as the colour of packages and gifts

Contrary to this, when we land in Latin America, they discourage using brown as covers and packaging material. It can have a discouraging effect on sales and also perceived as negative.

meaning of brown food

Moving onto the Eastern part of the world and the Asian cultures. The brown colour is one of the five elements, Earth in China. It is also associated with mourning and depression in some eastern countries like India.

When we travel through the world of middle-eastern brown we see it as the colour of harmony and bliss. The colour is also associated with deserts and is also preached as lucky in many of their cultures.

5. Personality type – Brown:

personality type brown meaning

If brown is your favourite colour, you are most definitely a warm and dependable person.

But makes up a brown personality type? We have got all the answers!

The colour psychology of brown makes it solid and stable colour and just like its personality type. It makes you aim for stability and structured life. Brown personality is mostly an industrious and zealous person. They may not be perfectionists but they like a balanced way of everything.

These personality types might be materialistic and not very spontaneous. They can be over-thinkers and can get lost when contemplating their decisions. They can also be frugal at times, as all they like to spend on nothing but quality.

People often are drawn to these people because of the warmth and loyalty they provide. The deepest aspects of these personality types are the need for safe, secure and supportive environments.

6. Negative Traits:

negative effects of brown

Some of the effects and meanings of brown are negative. The brown colour can be dull, boring, depressing, timid and predictable. Similar to Blue, brown is calming however this may make it seem monotonous and bland

Brown is associative with winter and thus often brings a sensation of cold and shorter days. It is the opposite of the cheerful greenery and can make us feel a longing for summer. The element of surprise and excitement does not belong to brown colour. A free-spirit might find it too burdensome at times because of its limiting and bounding nature.


To conclude, there are various meanings of brown from lively, stability, earthy, joyful and warm to negatives as dull, monotonous, timid and predictable. The use of brown colour in furniture and house is a great way to channelize its solid and reliable symbolics. There are various effects of brown on our body and mind as aforementioned.

We hope you found your perfect brown in our thoughts!