Meaning, Symbolism, and Personality of Gold Colour

“Brass shines as fair to the ignorant as gold to the goldsmiths”

Quote: Elizabeth I

What is the meaning of the colour gold?

What does it mean if you like to wear gold jewellery, watches, gold-coloured clothes?

What are the positive effects and negative traits of gold colour? What is the personality type of golden hues?

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What are the various symbolism and meanings of this beautiful color in different cultures and countries?

Here we will answers all these question!

As per Wikipedia: The term “golden” was first used in English to describe the ingredient gold in 1300, and again in 1423 to describe blond hair.

The color of riches, extravagance, generosity, and even arrogance and ego, gold has many interpretations. From The Golden Girls to Gold Oreos, gold is used to display the utmost quality. Praised and hailed everywhere for its beauty, class, and refined status, gold may make anyone seem the king or even a person of vanity.

Gold is believed to have a calming effect on blood vessels, allowing for further free flow of blood. This increase in the blood helps to balance oxygen levels in the body, which aids in recovery. Even gold is said to help regulate body temperature.

Let us dig some gold or maybe just its meaning!

Meaning of Gold Colour:

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Luxury, wealth, aristocracy, and power are all the various interpretations of gold. On the other hand, deceit, falseness, materialism, and arrogance are the other interpretations of the same gold. This duality of the nature of gold color expresses its endless depth.

Gold is found in nature in many beautiful forms from the calming goldfish to the ever joyous golden-retriever. It is also associated with Honey and Petroleum, also known as Liquid Gold. It is symbolic of Yang or male energy (closely relating to its female counterpart -Silver). Almost all religions associate gold with divinity and purity. Gold may be applauded for its beauty but too much of golden hue may invoke a desire for higher power bringing in ego and opportunism.

The color gold is like the cherry on the top which adds the flavors of warmth and richness in everything it is put together with. It not only shines and gets attention to itself but also illuminates the things around it. It is all-in-all a positive and optimistic colour.

Brown colour and White colour are mixed with Yellow colour to obtain the gold colour.

Phrases and Idioms:

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Gold makes any language rich with its warmth. Phrases, idioms or words all have made use of Gold to add flavour and depth to their meaning.

Some of these phrases and idioms are:

  • Fool’s gold – Anything very flashy and shiny but ultimately of no use.
  • Silence is Gold – It is better to remain silent than to speak out
  • Gold star – to signify great achievement and praise
  • Solid gold – to be best of best
  • Gold standard – to measure the high standard of the service or object
  • Gold digger – Someone who befriends others just for their wealth
  • Good as gold – expresses that the quality or value of the object is excellent
  • Gold brick – used to describe actions of deceit, cheating and trickery
  • Golden touch – (used for a person) someone who makes everything profitable

Different cultural value of gold:

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Gold is not only a precious metal but the golden colour has a great significance in a lot of countries. It can mean strength, wisdom, wealth, mourning and divine. Let us look at some of its vivid meanings in different cultures and countries.

In Jamaica and Cuba, the color and metal gold is linked with seafaring people like Pirates. Interesting interpretation right?

In Egyptian legends, the meaning of gold is with the aristocracy. Gold can be prominently found in the tombs of the pharaohs and is being to help them in the afterlife as well. They also associate golden paints with mourning. Many excavations and monuments are evidence of the importance of Golden colour in middle eastern lands.

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In India, all the gods and goddesses are adorned with god as it not only associates golden hues with wealth but divinity. The great Golden Temple, Amritsar is a marvel of gold considered as one of the holiest sites of Sikhs. Indian weddings are also a golden festival. Women all wear gold jewellery and shiny golden clothes. Also, the men wear gold embellished suits and kurtas.The importance of gold is so prominent in the South of India, that it is not an exaggeration to say a person not wearing any gold is equal to a naked person.

In most South-East Asian countries, gold symbolizes empowerment and vitality. China and India are the biggest consumers of gold in the world and reflect the importance of gold in Asian households. Korea and Japan have also since ages viewed gold colour as the highest gradient standard.

In the Western world, metal gold has just as much value and importance as the eastern counterparts. In Christian culture, the gold color is representative of the divine and power. The shine of hope and warmth.

Personality type of Gold Colour:

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If you love the colour gold, you have landed on the right page! We have all the details of what the personality type of gold has in store and maybe even more!

Well let’s get the basics down, Gold is flashy and the definition of “All-Out!“. So, if someone likes wearing gold either as jewelry or even clothes, it shows that the person is most probably an extrovert and outgoing with some sprinkles of charisma.

More often than not, your personality type is positive and energetic. This makes you an attractive person in most crowds and helps you exert influence.

Gold is often linked with luxury and materialistic desires such as cars, houses, accessories. A gold personality has a desire for luxury. But they do not just sit back and dream but have the courage to go out and achieve their goals.

This personality type has an above-average knowledge spectrum and they are more than happy to share their piece of wisdom with people around them.

Negative Traits:

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The commonly interpreted negative meanings of gold are flashy, showy, arrogant, lack of sincerity, demanding and materialistic. It can cause people to make assumptions about the other person in ways that may not be intended.

If a person is wearing a lot of gold or maybe blingy clothes, it may make them seem too materialistic or showy. There have been studies conducted to interpret the reaction of people towards golden metals and clothes, and often it was noticed that using more gold makes the other person feel small or intimidated.

Another negative trait that accompanies the gold colour is pretentiousness or arrogance. Just as gold is considered to the most precious of the metals, a person with too many golden colours can come off as arrogant and headstrong.


To conclude our thoughts on gold colour, we find that gold has various meanings both positive and negative such as success, wealth, outgoing, charisma, winner, and optimistic as well as materialistic, flashy, insincere, and falseness. The personality type of gold colour is outgoing and energetic with a desire for success. It has varied meanings in different countries and cultures.