Terms & Conditions

Terms and Condition

Please carefully read the terms and conditions of our website:

TheColouring.com is a perfect digital colouring book to be used online by parent’s and children’s. Therefore, we value our user's privacy and parent's concerns about their children visiting our site. We endeavour to be in compliance with the policies of the Safe Harbour Program under the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU).

Ownership and Operation: This site is managed and owned by TheColouring.com. Your use of this website constitutes your agreement to be bound by us and to behave in compliance with these Terms of Service with TheColouring.com. TheColouring.com may at any time change its content or discontinue sections of the website.

2.) Site Materials Copyright and Usage: TheColouring.com holds the rights to all material on the website or has a legal right to use material on the website from a third party. No section of this website may be copied, replicated, republished, uploaded, written, broadcast, framed or circulated in any manner by another website. Both pictures of colouring books are copyrighted by TheColouring.com and are meant to be coloured directly on TheColouring.com online. Some colouring pages have the option of printing. These colouring pages can be printed for your personal or classroom use. They can not be reproduced or used for resale in any series. Permission is NOT granted for saving images to hard drives, for use on another page, for framing, or for hotlinks. Such use is known as an infringement of intellectual property and is strictly forbidden and punishable by copyright law.

3.) Consent to Privacy Policy: By sending Personal Information to TheColouring.com, you mean that you consent to the terms of our current Privacy Policy as posted here. Please do not include any Personal Details if you do not agree with any terms of this Policy. You will not be able to do such things if you chose not to include personal information, such as saving your coloured photographs for future access to your gallery.

4.) Collection of Personal Information: TheColouring.com does not collect more personally identifiable information than is required to engage in any of the operations of the website and, without permission, we do not sell or transmit to third parties any personally identifiable information collected on this website. We may also collect personal information about a third party from you (for example, our website may allow you to give a friend an electronic "referral," in which case the name and e-mail address of that person would be required). Please note that we only use such details for the stated reason (e.g. to give a friend a coloured picture) and we will not contact the third party again unless and until we are contacted by the third party.

5.) Cookies Usage: In order to gather other information during your visit to our website, TheColouring.com may use cookies in future, such as the specific areas of the website that you visit and the products or services that you purchase through our website. To better tailor our site and our goods to your preferences and needs, we collect this information. It is also possible to use cookies to help speed up your potential activities on our platform. Our platform, for instance, will accept that you have provided us with personal information and refrain from requesting the same information a second time.

6.) Site Evaluation Statistics: can be used to personalize the experience on your website, as well as to analyze website usage statistics - anonymously and in the aggregate. It is also possible to collect information about your computer, such as your IP address (the number assigned to your computer while you access the Internet), the type of web browser you are using and the type of computer operating system you are using. Data information cannot be obtained by cookies, but cookies may be connected to such information if personally identifiable information has previously been given.

7.) Children's Privacy Online: TheColouring.com allows children to send coloured images to a friend via email. This role includes both the sender and the recipient's name and email address. This knowledge is used and is not exchanged with any third party for the express reason for which it was obtained. TheColouring.com is dedicated to protecting children's online privacy and keeping our users secure on the Internet. TheColouring.com does not obtain any other sensitive information from children under 12 for this purpose. We advise parents of children under 12 to check and track the use of e-mail and other online activities by their children on a regular basis.

Links to Other Sites This website may include links to other websites on the Internet that are not owned by TheColouring.com for your convenience and enjoyment. While prior to linking, resources are extensively researched and we aim to provide children with a healthy environment, these links do not mean that TheColouring.com controls, endorses, supports or funds any information available on the linked site or any products that may be sold there, nor is TheColouring.com responsible for any harm that may result from the use of such information or products.